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Reyes del Sol




Introduce our premium Peruvian sweet onions, grown in the rich coastal soils of Peru. These onions are carefully selected for their size, shape, and color, to ensure the best quality for our customers. What sets them apart is their delicate sweetness and lack of sharpness. This is due to the fact that they have lower levels of sulfur compounds and higher levels of water and sugar. These sweet onions are perfect for adding a subtle sweetness to any dish without overpowering it. They are easy to digest and don't cause any tearing, indigestion or spiciness. Take advantage of this opportunity and import the best Peruvian onions.


Prepack: 2" – 2.5"

Medium: 2.5" – 3.25"

Jumbo: 3.25" – 4"

Colossal: 10.16 cm – 12.70 cm



Campo Lindo


25 kg bags


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