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Reyes del Sol




Taste the sweet and juicy flavor of premium Peruvian grapes. Grown in the sun-drenched vineyards of Peru, our grapes are hand-picked at the precise ripeness to ensure the highest quality and taste. Available in a variety of delicious varieties such as Thompson seedless, Crimson seedless, Flame seedless and more, our grapes are perfect for eating fresh, making juice or for use in cooking and baking. Our grapes are also a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. Order now and taste the difference of premium Peruvian grapes.


Crimson Seedless: 16mm – 21 mm +

Red Globe: 21mm – 29mm +

Thompson Seedless: 16mm – 21 mm +

Arra 15: 16mm – 22mm +


Thomspson Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Red Globe, Ivory, Timco, Allison, Jack’s Salute, Sweet Celebration


8.2 kg plastic box
Wooden box of 8.2 kg
Wooden box of 8.2 kg
Clamshell in 500g / 3lb /4lb / 5lb


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